Plenty of script-driven applications, especially paid cms, encrypt their files to ensure that they will not be reverse engineered or tampered with. Many of them use an application called ionCube PHP Encoder to do this, so if you get a paid script and you want to install it in a website hosting account, a software instrument called ionCube Loader needs to be present on your server. Without it, you cannot install the script or in case you somehow find a way to do this, it will not function appropriately as almost all of the script code will be encoded to a point where it can't be interpreted. That is why, you should ensure that ionCube Loader is set up if you get a new website hosting account and you would like to use some paid web application. If you obtain a shared web hosting account and the tool is not present, it cannot be added because the entire server PHP environment shall have to be compiled again.
IonCube in Cloud Web Hosting
When you aquire a Linux cloud web hosting from our company, it'll be set up on our custom-built cloud platform where ionCube Loader is already present, so you won't have any kind of problems to run any script application that requires the tool to run appropriately. Furthermore, we offer you a few different versions of PHP, so in case you change the version, you will need to activate ionCube once again. Our platform remembers the changes you make, which means that when you go back to the previous release of PHP that was active for your account, ionCube Loader will already be enabled. The PHP version as well as the ionCube tool can be operated through the PHP Configuration section of our Hepsia web hosting Control Panel. Any change that you make takes literally just a click and it'll take effect at once.
IonCube in Semi-dedicated Hosting
IonCube Loader is provided with all of the Linux semi-dedicated hosting packages that we offer, and you will not encounter any problems if you would like to install and work with some script app which requires the instrument in order to function appropriately. Activating it is as simple as clicking a single button inside the Advanced section of the Hepsia Control Panel that comes with all the semi-dedicated accounts and the change will take effect in a minute, which means that you can proceed with the app installation without any delays. Due to the fact that we employ a hi-tech in-house built platform and we support several versions of PHP at the same time, you will have to activate ionCube every time you switch to a version that you haven't used before. You will also have the option to activate ionCube loader and even to set a PHP release different from the one in the account as a whole by generating a php.ini file in a separate domain or subdomain folder and adding several lines of code in it.